A Certified PRO English into Indonesian and Indonesian into English translator and Conference Interpreter
  • US Department of State contract interpreter and translator (Conference Level)
Hello, welcome, or as in we say in Indonesian, “Selamat Datang!”. I hope this site will provide you with better information about me and the services I provide, and in the end help to convince you that I am the right person for the job you have.
A little bit about myself:

I was born and raised in Indonesia

I was educated in Indonesia, Singapore and United States.

I speak Indonesian, English and Mandarin on a daily basis.

I am an ordained Christian minister with over 20 years of ministry experience, where the majority of these years were in bilingual ministries (Mandarin-Indonesian and English-Indonesian).

My hobbies include video editing, computer games, and reading.
Please feel free to check out services I offer. As always, my aim is not simply to finish an assignment; but to do it in a way that everybody involved is satisfied and proud with it.

I look forward to building a long lasting partnership with you, and to enable English and Indonesian speakers to be able to communicate with one another, and therefore to touch each other’s hearts in meaningful ways.
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